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What happens when a woman takes sanitary pads as we know it, burn it to the ground, then go back to the drawing board with over 14 years of gynecological expertise, feedback from 1,000's of women plus years of research and development ?

A Healthier pad that works !


The She Matters To Me Initiative is the main channel for Woman’s Touch outreach and development projects aimed at improving lives and empowering women, young and old, to be fearless, know their worth, understand their influence and use it as a vehicle to develop Jamaica and impact the world.

We are a partner in the national development of our women with a primary focus on the physical, mental and emotional health of at-risk girls, and under-represented women in society.

We are here for the young girl that feels like she doesn’t have a voice, has no representation, and no community.  We are here telling her she matters, her voice matters, there is a space for her, support exists.

This is not just an inspirational or motivational movement, this is action backed. We address the very real and present concerns at-risk girls and women face.

She Matters To Me is here to provide a space, and the resources needed to bring about positive, lasting change.

This is being achieved through careful selection of projects to ensure lasting impact, and through strategic partnerships with individuals and groups that share a similar vision for the girls/women of Jamaica.


JOIN US and let her know She Matters!

Say Goodbye to Itching, chafing, leaks, embarrassing rashes and even worse, yeast infections (ugh!)
Say Goodbye to your old sanitary pad brand

Inspired by Women

In her 14 years of experience as general medical doctor and gynaecologist, Dr. Chris-Ann Simpson Harley saw a trend, women would come in with recurring irritations and infections after their periods, particularly yeast infections. The likely cause…. some sanitary and vaginal products.

Having had similar experiences, she decided talking was just not enough, and took action.

Woman’s Touch was designed to be a healthier sanitary option making things better for women when it comes to their periods, period experiences and overall feminine care.

What real women are saying about woman’s Touch

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