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100 Moms….100 Care Packages

Teen moms need our love, guidance and support now more than ever.  Let us join hands and hearts to make a difference in the lives of these girls and the future of this nation.

The implications of Teen Pregnancy is clear. Oftentimes, the teenage mother is excluded from school. Reintegration into the school system can be difficult. Some institutions refuse to accept these young mothers into their institutions.

With little to no education, their professional opportunities are limited, leaving these mothers in a position where they can’t care for themselves and their children, the burden of care then rests with civil society and the government.

The girls are often frightened and demoralized with little to no support at a time when they are most emotionally and financially vulnerable. Often, these girls are left to fend for themselves while struggling to deal with the societal stereotypes which are attached to teenage pregnancy.

A girl is pregnant, maybe she made a mistake, maybe she had no control in the situation. Let’s not judge, lets HELP

Some facts

  1. Poverty, limited sexual reproductive health education, and sexual abuse are some of the major factors that lead to teen pregnancy.
  2. Teenage pregnancy is one of the main factors that prevent educational participation and completion for many girls.
  3. Education Regulations, 1980 provides that a girl who becomes pregnant shall leave school during the period of her pregnancy. The Minister of Education has the discretion to facilitate the re-entry of such girls to educational institutions.
  4. Access to proper antenatal care is limited to poor teen moms, resulting in babies with low birth weight etc

What can we do to invest in the lives of our girls?

Empowering, adolescent-centred healthcare and comprehensive reproductive health education can help to  mitigate psychosocial distress resulting from teen pregnancies

 How do we plan to help?

  1. We will be focusing on the Teen  Pregnancy clinic at Victoria Jubiliee Hospital.
  2. We are partnering with Barita Investment Ltd to Refurbish the admissions room at Victoria Jubilee Hospital as well as the antenatal room for the clinic.
  3. We want you to partner with us to create 100 packages for these teen moms. (vitamins, maternity pads, diapers, baby items etc) and to also volunteer to help us make it happen.


Would you like to volunteer on this initiative? We are looking for persons to organize donations, prepare packages and give out on donation day. We are also  looking for persons who can assist with other resources these ladies will need such as information on training opportunities etc. Please send us a message below and we will contact you.

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  1. Barita  5 St Lucia Ave, New Kingston
  2. West Trade Medical Big Buy Plaza Portmore
  3. DRT Communications Ltd. Unit 62, 15 Hope Road Winchester Business Centre Kingston 10, Kingston
  4. Unit 5, 13 West Kingshouse Road


  1. Benjamins Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  2. Baby Chemise 3pk 
  3. Soft Jumbo Tissue 
  4. Mother’s Embrace Maternity Pads 
  5. OB Indicator 40 Medium t\brush 
  6. Colgate Total Fresh Mint Stripe 
  7. Secret Deodorant 48g 
  8. Cotton Balls 100’s (white) 
  9. Pear Soap 125g Blue 
  10. Petroleum Jelly 
  11. Dermasil Cocoa Butter Lotion 10oz 
  12. Huggies Diaper NB 27 
  13. Huggies Wipes Nat. Care 
  14. Rubbing Alcohol Benj. 500Ml 
  15. Baby Socks 
  16. Baby Cap 
  17. Baby Receiving Blanket 
  18. Baby tote bags
  19. Baby Comb and Brush 
  20. Baby Bath 
  21. Rubber Slippers/Flip Flops 
  22. Bath Towels (Large) 
  23. Wash Rags
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