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Jamaican Doctor launches new line of sanitary pads

Kingston, Jamaica – October 2, 2018 – In her 14 years of experience as general medical doctor and gynaecologist, Dr. Chris-Ann Simpson Harley saw a trend, women would come in with recurring infections, particularly yeast, which is not only uncomfortable but disruptive. As a part of treatment options she educated women about some of the potential causes of irritation including some sanitary and vaginal products

Having had similar experiences, she decided talking was just not enough, and took action. Using her experience not only as a woman but as a gynaecologist, Dr. Harley created a line of sanitary napkins, Woman’s Touch, a first in local medical history. Designed to make things better for women when it comes to their periods, period experiences and overall feminine care, woman’s touch is created to be a healthier sanitary option.

The products are made with a 100% cotton top layer, a breathable backing to combat the issue of irritation and potential risk of infection, Ultra Thin, Super Absorbent and Rapid Dry to give superior protection against leaks and a clean, dry wear.

“Women need a product that doesn’t feel like they are wearing something foreign, nor products that are causing them discomfort and even worse a trip to the doctor,” said Dr. Chris-Ann Simpson Harley, “Woman’s touch went the extra mile to ensure that the product had all women need to be comfortable and secure at that time of the month when we need it most, without having to worry about after effects”

The Multi-Pack, the first of its kind on the market sees the brand taking into consideration the unique needs of women even further. Most women experience different flow levels during their periods, but there is no product on the market that caters to every stage of a woman’s flow. The product includes four different lengths and fit pads to cater to every stage of a woman’s menstrual Flow, for the really heavy days, the ultra and super heavy flows and for the lighter days the heavy and regular flow. The multipack also includes 10 panty liners. All in one convenient pack.

Woman’s Touch and Mother’s embrace, the maternity pad line, can be found in major supermarkets in Kingston & St. Andrew. Within a few months, the product will be available island-wide.



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